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2014 Virtual Conference

Part 1. An Introduction to: Principals in Value and Market Access

Grant Lawless RPh, MD, FACP/Dan Malone RPh, PhD/
C Daniel Mullins PhD

Part 2. Methods and Tools for Optimal Reimbursement

Sasha Richardson BSC, PT, MBA

Part 3. Changing Access and Payer Challenges in Oncology - Medicare and Commercial

John Fox MD, MHA/Gary Owens MD

Part 4. European Oncology Management Experience &
Possible Lessons Learned for US Markets

Andrew Stainthrope PhD/Ken Schaecher MD, FACP, CPC/
Cyrus Arman MS, PhD

Part 5. Using Competitive Intelligence to Maintain Coverage and Access

Cyrus Arman MS, PhD/ Dan Malone RPh, PhD/
Sasha Richardson BSC, PT, MBA/ Andrew Stainthrope PhD

Part 6. Investor Community Views on Healthcare Market Winners and Losers

Jayson Slontnik JD, MPH/Michael E. Meyers MPH/
Jonathan Bluth MBA

Part 7. Insurance Innovations Reinsurance and Benefit
Design Trends

Matthew Palmgren PharmD/ Ryan Siemers CEBS

Part 8. Cancer Health Coverage and Exchanges Private
and Public

Alex Jung/ John Kahle

Part 9. Diagnostics- Recent FDA, CMS, and Payer Policies

John Ridge/ Chris Cisar/ Marc Samuels/ Larry Boress

Part 10. Personalized Medicine and Payers Day

Michael Kolodziej MD/ Grant Lawless RPh, MD, FACP/
Gary Palmer MD, JD, MBA, MPH/ Macey Johnson

Part 11. Improving Decision-Making in Oncology Using
Big Data

Mark Kris MD/Louis Jacques MD/Jennifer Malin MD, PhD/
George Sledge MD, FASCO/ Kevin Kopf MD, MPH/
Peter Bach MD, MAPP

Part 12. Addressing the Needs of Our Cancer Patients
- What They Expect from "us"

Lillie Shockney RN, BS, MAS

Part 13. Oncology Practice Management, Advocacy, and Navagation Day

Linda Bosserman MD, FACP/Douglas Blayney MD

Part 14. Innovation in Practice Management and Care Delivery - A Progress Report on Value-Based Innovation

John Sprandio MD, FACP/Linda Bosserman MD, FACP/ Gordon Kuntz

Part 15. Uniting Patient, Provider, and Community Voice in Value-Based Cancer Care

Lillie Shockney RN, BS, MAS/ Vicki Kennedy LSCW

Last modified: August 6, 2014
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