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August 18, 2020: Telehealth Update: COVID-19 Recovery, the Road Ahead

Bob Gold
Chief Behavioral Technologist and CEO
GoMo Health
Rick Lee
Executive Chairman, Healthy Platforms and CancerLife, Philadelphia, PA
Brian Leyland-Jones, MD
Chief Medical Officer
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Debra Patt, MD, PhD, MBA
Executive Vice President
Policy and Strategic Initiatives
Texas Oncology
Chevon Rariy, MD
Vice President & Chair, Virtual Health, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Chicago, IL
Burt Zweigenhaft, PhD, D.Litt
Editor-in-Chief, VBCC;
Executive Vice President, FFF Enterprises;
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Association for Value-Based Cancer Care
Can the use of telehealth services help to address the upcoming burden of late cancer diagnoses, improve the co-management of chronic conditions, and give patients more power over their own health? During a recent AVBCC webinar, a panel of experts explored this question as they discussed the potential role of wearables, remote monitoring and communication, and other innovative technology for improving care for patients with cancer.

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